Anastasia #01 ダンスにおける脳・心・体の繋がり

Brain-Mind-Body Connection in Dancing…

ボールルーム・ダンスはスポーツであり、芸術であり、そして、美しき体の使いこなしでもありますが、その中核を成しているのがダンサー自身です。ダンサーを外から見ていると空間の中で肉体が作り出す動きが見えますが、では、外から見えていない部分はどのくらいあるのでしょう? ダンサーの気持ちとダンス自体はどれほど深く結びついているのでしょう? 脳の中の集中度、リラックス度は? 続きを読む

Anastasia #03 Why Dancing Keeps Us Young…

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Why Dancing Keeps Us Young…

How often do we see a beautiful dancer and wonder how old is he or she?  They all look so good, so fit, so stylish, and so elegant!  It seems that there is no age effect on them and they are dancing though their years staying young and beautiful.  Or, how about seeing an incredibly glamorous lady dancing with a teacher and enjoying every movement only later do we discover that she’s over 80 years old!  Dancing can be a magical activity if one uses it in a way to benefit his or her life and health.  We were interested in finding out what are the keys to this fountain of youth and how every dancer can benefit from it. 続きを読む

Anastasia #04 Why You Should Never Stop Dancing

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Why You Should Never Stop Dancing

As a competitive dancer for over 30 years, it is difficult to imagine out lives without dancing.  Dancing is a beautiful activity that seems so easy and effortless from the outside and yet so demanding once you make it your profession.  When you look at great dancers it may seem that one can merely stand up, pick up one’s significant other, and dance gracefully and effortlessly.  But, here is the catch!  Why?  Because it’s impossible to stop once you’ve had a taste of the dancing!  Your body will love it and your brain will keep asking for more!  Any dancer knows and understands how emotionally he or she is attached to this beautiful art form and physical activity.  But, what if there is more to it? What if dancing actually helps us not just in a physical and an emotional way but can even help our intellectual development? 続きを読む

Anastasia #02 Introverts vs Extroverts

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Introverts vs Extroverts

There are essentially two types of people…introverts and extroverts.  Introverts are those that are shy, inward and reserved.  Extroverts are those that are outgoing and socially confidant individuals.  Being a dancer where you are either an introvert or extrovert has both advantages and disadvantages and learning how to balance them out can help make the perfect combination when performing in a competition or show. 続きを読む

Anastasia #01 Brain-Mind-Body Connection in Dancing…


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Brain-Mind-Body Connection in Dancing

Ballroom dancing is a sport, an art and a beautiful physical activity.  In our industry, the dancer itself is the essential instrument of the art.  When we are looking at a dancer from the outside we see the physical body creating movements in space.  But how much is there that we don’t see?  How deep is the emotional connection between the dancer and the dance itself?  How focused or relaxed is the brain of the dancer? 続きを読む